“Of the farmers, by the farmers, for the farmers”

“Of the farmers, by the farmers, for the farmers”

“Of the farmers, by the farmers, for the farmers” “Of the farmers, by the farmers, for the farmers”

शेतकरी तो ग्राहक थेट विक्री वेवस्था कार्यपद्धती

शेतकऱ्याला एकात्मिक पिक घेण्याचे फायदे सांगणे, तज्ञाचे मार्गदर्शन घेऊन उत्पन्न वादावानेस सल्ला मसलत करणे, या साठी कंपनी स्थरावर बैठकांचे नियोजन करणेत येत असते.

   उत्पादित केलेला शेत माल आपल्या शेतकरी सामुहिक सुविधा केंद्र तळसंदे येथे एकत्र करून योग्य बाजारपेठ मिलावानेस मदत करणे, त्यासाठी लागणारे कौशले विकसित करण्यास भर दिला   आहे . ताज्या भाज्या, पालेभाज्या, ताजी फळे इत्यादी.

     उत्पादक साखळी ची थेट बाजारपेठेशी जोडणी.  

असेल बाजारपेठ तर फायदा थेट,

 जागतिक बाजारपेठे मध्ये आपली ओळख टिकून राहणे साठी आम्ही स्वतःचा ब्रांड निर्मिती केली असून कृषींला या नावाने भारत सरकार कडे व्यापारी चीन्न नोंदणी प्रक्रिया पूर्ण झाली आहे . 


Additional Information

 Linkages between farmers and market call for priority attention to issues on access to technology, information on institutional arrangements, support services, policies, capacity building, identification and development of markets. The problem of access to market is more pronounced for small and marginal farmers. Being smallholders, these farmers suffer from some inherent problems such as absence of economies of scale, access to information and their inability to participate in the price discovery mechanism. There is an added importance attached to linkage to market for the farmers in the context of new challenges and issues relating to market. Also, there is a shift in demand and opportunities for a rapidly changing market environment brought about by trade liberalization and globalization. Rising incomes, population growth, urbanization, changes in tastes and preferences have brought about some changes in the consumption pattern. The consumers are increasingly becoming aware about food safety and quality. Globalization offers opportunities for increased agricultural exports. The capacity of the farmers in India, most of whom are small and marginal, to respond to these issues is limited. Consequently, there is a need to enhance the capacity of the farmer to enable him to meet the new challenges.  


Opportunities for Small Holders in Different Systems

Alternative Approaches for the linkage

 Several innovative marketing models have evolved across the country in isolation like contract farming, cooperative and producers’ companies. The collaborative efforts of the stakeholders have contributed to the success of these models. These models, by and large, are able to address the shortcomings of the traditional marketing system. These are found to be effective in aggregating the small holders also. In view of the reforms process initiated by Government of India, there is better scope for implementing these models with customised approach. An analysis of the suitability of some of the innovative marketing models for small holders in linking them to market is placed below. Details of Innovative Marketing Channels Evolved In India  

 Institutional, informational and developmental were the three approaches proposed for linking farmers and markets (Table). These three approaches, having proven successful in many developing countries, cover aspects like developing skills, knowledge, competencies, information needs of learners for effective adoption of practices and helping people with problem solving and/or coping strategies.  


आपला शेतमाल विक्री करावयाचा असलेस खालील माहिती भरावी